About Ispaci

One-of-a-kind, handmade designer pillows celebrating the art of self-expression.

Our brand Ispaci (pronounced i-spah-chee) is representative of the word space in between the letter i, and is named as a reminder that personal space design centers around self-expression. Our spaces can be secret escapes, inspire us to be more present in the moment, or completely transport us to another place and time.

Beyond pillows, Ispaci is a community that celebrates individuality and design. It is about living, giving, and collaborating with exceptional people.

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We love the environment

Ispaci is proud to be a part of positive acts for our planet. We work hard to find the best quality materials, and many of our items are made of locally sourced designer fabricsโ€”samples, remnants, and the likeโ€”that we can save from landfills.  The sustainable design is inherently the gift that makes each pillow the only one of its kind.

Our premium pillow inserts are made of a 100% allergen-free faux down material and contain no animal by-products.